Vision & Mission

About us


PORTALASIA Brand identity symbolized the flexibility and dynamic of the team and has horizontal infinity which combine yin and yang similar symbol to number 8 which has good meaning in Chinese. The logo redefined through colors Red and Gold represents wealth and prosperity in Chinese.  It also shown professionalism, gentle and sincerity in doing business.

The value of PORTALASIA reflects in its unique and tailored-made service solutions towards customers’ needs, through research based information with proficient steps to archive the goal.


To become a successful partner for Hospitality, Health and Wellness Industry in Business strategy and Investment Transaction by providing sincerity and straight forward advisory at reasonable price and practical value.


PORTALASIA follows the guidance principle of “everyone wins” in a good return on investment and yield project at reasonable benefits and profits with expertise team to provide on-time practical solution, deliverable results and measurable implementation through its partners and alliance network in Asia through a standardized Platform to support local and regional customers.

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